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The Lineup


Gru - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Gru is a master of music and has had the honour of playing guitar for 80's legends 'The Dwellers',  performing at venues/festivals worldwide. Oh and he remains undefeated at Donkey Kong...Legend


Andy - Keys & Vocals

Andrew "The Machine" has been singing and playing ’80s keyboards since, well… the ’80s! He got his start with 'Deja-vu' in 1983 and has been firmly committed to the decade of decadence ever since.


Princess Leah - Lead Vocals

Named after the princess, Leah is a 'force' of nature. Originally an untapped shower singer, Leah's engaging blonde ambition material girl and powerhouse vocals wow every audience !!


P.J. - Bass & Vocals

Phil brings the bottom end to the show and has been a purveyor of low frequencies since 1983. Calls himself 'The Glue' coz he holds the whole thing together...Loves borrowing other peoples pets!


'Jim The Popstar'
Drums & Vocals

Inspired by a killer mix tape his brother made for him in 1981, Jim is a self confessed fitness addict and is the driving force behind the live show...

A time when everybody's "Workin' For the Weekend" and parachute pant-clad dudes donned their "Sunglasses At Night." It was a wicked cool time when  girls wore mini-skirts and ankle warmers while they "Walked Like An Egyptian."

The EIGHTIES . . . when "Video Killed the Radio Star!"

FLASHFORWARD: 2001 Four experienced and professional musicians, tired of hearing inferior cover bands murder the music of one of their favorite decades, put together an '80s band, dubbed appropriately enough: The Electric 80's Band

TODAY: The Electric 80's UK has taken World by storm, 

The Electric 80's UK IS THE premiere '80s tribute band in the UK and beyond. The Electric 80's UK IS more than just a show--it's a true '80s EXPERIENCE.

Each super-charged show guarantees to bring the house down EVERY TIME in ANY environment regardless how big /small/young or old of a crowd)! The Electric 80's UK gives you the ultimate BACK TO THE EIGHTIES EXPERIENCE!!!

With a strong female and male lead vocals singer/Synth player, along with three polished musicians decked out in retro '80s attire, The Electric 80's UK is able to crank out pop and rock hit songs from the '80s--and perform them EXACTLY LIKE THE ORIGINALS, both musically and vocally, with so much charisma and energy (not to mention costume changes!), the crowd will bust more moves than a Saturday morning TISWAS special.

The Electric 80's UK is the eightiest of the '80s.

The Electric 80's UK IS the ultimate '80s party.

The Electric 80's UK will bring you BACK IN TIME!!!

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